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  Forensic Management is a tactical methodology aimed at achieving performance improvements in various aspects of business development.  Optimal Performance is a strategic methodology designed to support the achievement of ‘stretch targets’ in key performance areas.

Business Applications

Big deal development

This is our flagship project. The objective is to help organisations design, develop and deliver deals that will transform the financial and operating position of the company.

Acquisition integration

The objective is to help to ensure that the operational and  financial objectives of the acquisition are achieved. Developing common practices and processes are key elements.

Funding for growth

We help organisations develop the funding proposition with particular emphasis on operational capability and the platforms for accellerated growth

Exit strategies

We work with organisations that see a trade sale as a desirable exit strategy. The objective is to help develop a proposition that will support a full valuation by defining the growth potential of the company.

Channel development

Partnering programmes help to expand the market reach of the organisation. Selecting the right partner and structuring the relationship are important factors in achieving the financial objectives.

Business Propositions

Our corporate experience as a CEO, considerable experience as a NED, investor and advisor, together with an extensive contact base in the technology sector brings an intensively practical approach to all our projects.

Contact Details





In our projects we often
identify the need for
specialist expertise.

Over the years we have
developed relationships
with organisations that
share our ‘best practice’

We introduce relevant
Friends of FM where
specialist skills or
capabilities are required.

When introduced they
propose their services
against their own Terms
and Conditions.

Friends include –

  • Telemarketing
  • Corporate events
  • Market research
  • Search and selection
  • Market communications
  • Talent management
  • PR and media
  • Software testing
  • Quality management
  • Brand development